• 24 set 2019
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Thanks to the consolidated security of today's IT tools, Metelli Group has decided to eliminate the instruction leaflets supplied with METELLI, GRAF and KWP water pumps, replacing them with a digital PDF version that can be consulted or downloaded from our website using a QR CODE. The installer will only need to use a smartphone to read the QR CODE on the product label, and will immediately be sent to the specific product code section on the website. Alternatively, the information can be consulted or downloaded directly from the Support/Technical Documentation area of the site.

We have also widened the range of languages available, adding Polish and Turkish and integrating the Russian version, to now offer a total of 10 languages. Apart from the instruction leaflet that can be downloaded in PDF format, the user can now access other information such as applications, OE codes, video tutorials for installation, and product data sheets. For certain specific codes the leaflet that illustrates particular assembly steps or gives special warnings, will be maintained inside the pack. This decision, which will be extended to other product lines, is part of a wider corporate strategy based on a commitment to minimise the impact on the environment of the materials used in the products (our HybriX brake pads have already been free of copper and other materials harmful for man and the environment for over 5 years) and packaging, and in our communication material as well.

We've recently launched a process of digitalisation and personalisation with regards to the catalogues in the reserved My Metelli area of our website, and this has produced a huge reduction in the amount of paper used, not to mention an improvement in the service.